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Dentistry is a continually evolving profession. Newport Dental Arts prides itself on maintaining an office with leading edge technology.

We encourage the use of all porcelain crowns and bonded tooth colored restorations for a more esthetic result. Unaesthetic silver fillings or dark lines along the gum line of crowns are no longer an issue when these restorative material are used.

Other modern concepts currently being used are digital x-rays incorporated into a fully computerized and networked office. These x-rays use only 10% of the normal radiation, yet produce a higher quality image that can be manipulated for better interpretation. Digital photography is also incorporated into our computer system for documentation and an enhanced patient communication.

Implant Dentistry is an advanced surgical procedure offered at our office. A titanium implant is surgically placed within the jaw bone to replace the root of a missing tooth . A crown is then placed on the implant to replace the missing tooth, or an attachment can be placed on the implant to help increase the stability of a denture.

We have recently upgraded the computers and practice management software within the office. Paper charts will no longer be used which will allow for better record keeping. Also, all new patients will complete their registration information online, resulting in a more efficient initial appointment.